About us

For more than 25 years, Tenderstar has been offering you high quality butchery machines. More precisely, this family company has developed a wide range of meat tenderizers, mincers, and presses.

Why choose Tenderstar?

For all our butchery machines, we focus on quality, both in terms of hygiene and maintenance as well as of safety. All our machines are made of stainless steel and polyacetal, which prevents rust and guarantees robust and durable equipment. In addition, our machines comply with CE standards and are easily dismantled, which allows easy cleaning even at high pressure and offers the possibility of sterilizing the various parts that come into contact with the meat.

Why the tenderizing?

What we offer you with Tenderstar tenderizers – the World Number 1 in tenderizing – is to enhance your meat pieces. Thanks to our machines, you make the cut carcasses profitable and you can guarantee your customers a constant product quality by offering them a tender and tasty product.
All our machines are available from the manufacturer, Paulus Stuart in Brussels, but also in many countries. Find here the complete list of our dealers.